Sunday, 28 March 2010

Monday 29th of March,
The annual body battle begins once again.
Approx. 9 weeks till the height of S u m m e r.

Dusty cross trainer,
Special K,
Sugar free Redbull,
Fruit juice,

London pizzas with kebab and garlic,



FMP and portfolio stuff, really loose study of "time" at the moment.
Southgare, on a nice spring evening.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day one of the diet, and I make rocky road cakes...
They look so nice, but are the root of evil.
One won't hurt, right? 

Sunday, 21 March 2010

new kitty, new project, new blog.
Being "forced" to do something usually results in not enjoying that particular aspect of what you are doing. This applies to the first blog I created in order to hit a certain target and therefore achieve good grades in college. I soon lost interest, which showed within my OLD blog. So now, I can freely add things which interest me to my blog, and post more regularly, for me or anybody who wants to look, I don't really mind. 
I only adopted little Molly from the RSPCA yesterday, 2/3 years old who was abandoned with a broken leg because her owners didn't want to pay for operation fees, which results in her having a permanent limp and a wrongly healed back leg. But she gets about alright, the poor little thing. Animal cruelty is wrong on every level, and I'll never get my head around how someone could dump this injured little kitty, she is the sweetest, most friendly, inquisitive little miss ever, and my new napping buddy. Meeowwwwwzzzz =^.^=